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If you're here, someone probably sent you some Bitcoin, along with a password. That bitcoin has been put in what is sometimes called an "address," but you can think of as a treasure chest. Use the form below to enter your phone number and the password you received, in order to get the key to that treasure chest, known as the "private key."

Please note that the "private key" is just a string of numbers and letters, and anyone who has it can use it to unlock this treasure chest and take its contents -- so keep it secret. In the unlikely event it turns out to be empty, well, maybe someone stole it ... or maybe whoever texted you that they were going to put the bitcoin in the chest never actually got around to it. (The sender also has this private key, of course.) Probably best to check with them first.

Once you have the private key, you'll probably want to move it into a more secure "wallet." See the What To Do With Your Money section below for details.

Private Key


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What To Do With Your Money